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RentMarket Service & Service Fee for Host & Guest

To provide service support and to help run our platform better, we charge a fixed amount of service fee to our Host and Guest. As an online renting platform, RentMarket offers free listings to property owners and allow guests to browse and compare prices of listings in our Live, Work, Party categories. RentMarket operates as a transaction facilitator between host and guest to bring convenience as we try to accommodate everyone’s needs for a perfect space. As for both Host and Guest, various benefits are provided and thus, a reasonable service charge is charged to help us run and improve our renting platform even better.

What is the service fee charged to Host?

We charge our host only 3% service fee with every confirmed booking done through RentMarket for payment gateway charges and online processing fee. The host service fee is calculated from the total booking fee and is automatically deducted as the finalized payment to the host within 14 working days.

RentMarket Hosts are able to enjoy free listing at our platform, conveniently use our message system to communicate with potential guests, manage their own personal dashboard, and having our user support and service continuously. As for our corporate host, an additional free professional photo-shooting will be arranged for more photogenic pictures certified by us. Host should also feel completely at ease to review their guests, and to give us valuable feedbacks!

What is the service fee charged to Guest?

We charge our guest only 10% service fee of the booking fee upon every confirmed booking. The calculated service fee will appear together with the booking fee on the checkout page before they proceed to ‘book now’.

RentMarket Guests are able to enjoy free membership at our platform. With our platform support, guest can survey freely and compare prices of all our listings, communicate directly with the host through our message system, and being able to secure their booking through a safe payment transaction. Guest too should also feel completely at ease to review the bookings, and give us your valuable feedbacks!