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Established in 1971, Spring Garden Kota Permai has always been an outstanding event space for holding functions as the restaurant is from the renowned Tai Thong Group. The restaurant offers a wide variety of pork-free dishes such as Seafood Treasure with Vegetable Soup, Fried Tiger Prawns with Cheese & Honey and many more. Their presence spans 30 years throughout Malaysian restaurant history has played an essential role in shaping the establishment of Chinese cuisine in the country. They take great pride in satisfying palates as their award-winning master chefs continuously seek ways to perfect their ever-growing menu of culinary delight. Spring Garden Kota Permai is now popular amongst all people from different walks of life and age groups.

Spring Garden Kota Permai is a harmonious poetry-inspired restaurant. The interior design of the restaurant has vibrant colours which portrays more than just a touch of elegance and it allows people to feel like they’re in a grand yet majestic restaurant as it only has air conditioned indoor seating area. Spring Garden Kota Permai now provides more options than before with private dining rooms for large families.

Spring Garden Kota Permai is a sophisticated and modern event space to host a wedding celebration/engagement, proposal, product launch, company retreat, press conference as well as other corporate events. It can accommodate events up to 150 pax.

Spring Garden Kota Permai is located at Kota Permai Golf and Country Club. Valet parking is available as well as parking by the street side and basement at a cheaper rate.

: Set Menu A
: MYR828
RM 828 (10 pax)

Joyous Festive Platter
– Deep Fried Prawn with Sesame
– Honey Glazed Grilled Chicken
– Deep Fried Crab Dumpling
– Stir Fried Clams with Celery
– Shredded Chicken Served With Fresh Lettuce
– Steamed Jade Perch (Hot Oil Sauce)
– Braised Abalone with Mushroom and Homemade Beancurd
– Fried Mee Pok with Eggplant and XO Sauce
– Baked Lotus Pastry
– Chilled Aloe Vera

: Set Menu B
: MYR1028
RM 1028 (10 pax)

Fancy Celebration Platter
– Japanese Top Shell with Chilled Jelly Fish
– Deep Frid Spring Roll with Five Spice Powder
– Honey Glazed Grilled Chicken
– Braised Crab Meat Soup with Shredded Abalone (individual serving)
– Steamed Estuary Tiger Grouper with Sliced Bamboo Shoots and Mushrooms
– Braised Baby Abalone in Wintermelon Ring (Individual Serving
– Stewed Yee Min with Sea Prawn
– Peony Puff Pastry with Pineapple and Jackfruit
– Double – boiled Bird’s Nest with Snow Pear

: Set Menu C
: MYR1328
RM 1328 (10 pax)

Double Prosperity Platter (Individual Serving)
– Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Salt and Pepper
– Chilled Prawn with Frest Fruit Salad
– Pan Seared Scallop with Caviar
– Double boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw and Con Poy
– Crispy Roast Pigeon
– Home Style Estuary Grouper in Casserole
– Braised Baby Abalone with Home Made Tofu and Fresh Mushroom (Individual Serving)
– Fried Hokkien Mee
– Charcoal Bun with Durian and Salted Egg
– Double Boiled Red Bean Soup

: Set Menu D
: MYR1728
RM 1728 (10 pax)
*Require Advance Order

Superme Treasures Platter (Individual Serving)
– Braise Baby Abalone
– Honey Glazed Grilled Chicken
– Double-boiled Village Chicken Soup with Dried Premium Seafood (Individual Serving)
– Steamed Fesh Soon Hock In Superior Sauce
– Steamed Fresh River Prawns with Egg White and Glass Vermicelli (Individual Serving)
– Braised Sea Cucumber Boar with Roast Duck and Mushroom
– Dry Tossed Noodles with Fish Row and Crab Meat
– Baked Bird’s Nest Egg Tartlet/ Deep fried caramelised Taro
– Double Boiled Pear with Sea Coconut and Red Dates

: 4:00pm
: 11:00pm
: 15
: 10
: 1
: 1
: 0

Party or Celebration
Meet-up or Gathering
Casual or Business or Dining

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