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Landing in a foreign country can make you feel intimidated and lost. Often, transportation will be the main concern of getting to places! Especially traveling out from the airport. These are the common questions you would ponder upon: Are there any convenient ways out of the airport? Where are the counters to get the tickets for the transportation? What is the fastest way to go about? How much will they cost? Are they reliable?

Why fear not, that is why this informative article is for you! So, keep reading on 😊

Our main airport in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). While this busy airport, situated at Sepang, Selangor, is one of the major airports in South East Asia; please do not get confused with KLIA and KLIA 2! Connected by a rail system, these two airports are a few miles away from each other. The main difference of KLIA and KLIA2 is that they operate with different airlines- international flights and non-budget airlines, such as MAS, Qatar, Malindo and etc land at KLIA; whilst all domestic and some international flights with budget airlines, such as Air Asia, Jetstar, Tiger, and Cebu Pacific Air land at KLIA2. So, do make sure that you know which airport you are landing at!

The following tables will be the guide of transportation methods from KLIA/KLIA2 to KL Sentral/KL City.




                                                                Express Rail Link (ERL) Counter




                                        Transportation Hub at gateway@klia2, Level 1

Information obtained from klia2.info/transportation and klia.com.my

Written by Alice Ang Ying Ying
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19th October 2017