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The glorious thing in KL- FOOD!

This city has some of the real awesome food. Full stop.

As a local here, we would be eating these yummy-licious local food almost every day; but as a tourist, these are the food that you must try!!! These food that are going to be mentioned here have made up to our BEST EAT-OUT FOOD in KL (in no particular order).

So, buckle up! *caution* your saliva might drool!


         1. Roti Canai

This Indian-influenced flat bread is one of our breakfast food you can find at all mamak (Tamil-Muslims restaurants) around Kuala Lumpur. Even though that it does not come with fillings, with its chewy texture; it is tasty enough to be served and eaten with hot curry or dhal. You can eat it the Malaysian way with your bare hands! Get ‘em messy and dirty! Also, pair this plate of savory roti canai with a glass of frothy aromatic Teh Tarik to start your day with!  


         2.    Hainanese Chicken Rice

This fragrant rice cooked with oil and chicken fats that pairs with the tender steamed or roasted chicken, and comes with a comforting clear broth; will instantly increase your appetite. It will be served with fresh cucumbers and coriander (some people might not like the smell of it!), and chili sauce. You can find chicken rice very commonly around KL- mostly at hawker stalls and Chinese restaurants. Either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; chicken rice would never go wrong!

         3.    Nasi Lemak

A traditional Malaysian dish that is served with peanuts, fried anchovies, hard boiled egg or fried egg, fresh cucumbers, with hot sambal (a popular spicy sauce here). The nasi (rice) is cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaves for its flavor; and the dish is usually wrapped and served in banana leaf. However, you can always add on ayam rendang (spicy chicken), sotong (squid), mutton and such. Find nasi lemak at most of the stalls by the roadside, or mamak, or malay restaurant.

4.    Char Kuey Teow

Literally translated as ‘stir-fried ricecake strips’, this dish is one of the mouthwatering food you can find in Kuala Lumpur. This scrumptious plate of noodle is usually cooked with cockles, eggs, bean sprout, shrimps, and mixed with soy sauce. It is a Chinese cuisine that is popularly found at hawker stalls and also restaurants. However over here, you can also find the halal type cooked by Malays(Muslims) to accommodate foodies all around the country. As greasy and tasty as it seems, it’s good to have it once in awhile to satisfy your crave; despite the not-so-healthy greasiness!


     5.    Bak Kut Teh

Our hearty comforting soup, especially during the rainy days, goes to..steamboat, and also to- bak kut teh! This flavorful broth is cooked with pork ribs and chinese herbs. Many other ingredients goes well with bak-kut-teh, such as mushrooms, toufu, youtiao, and so on. Order some vegetables and rice; and your meal is complete. Bak-kut-teh also comes in either with soup or dry, so it’s all up to your preference. Look around to get it at a bak-kut-teh restaurant in Kuala Lumpur!

     6.    Banana Leaf Rice

Ever have a meal served on a big piece of banana leaf? If you had or have not, it would still be banana leaf rice for you! A South Indian cuisine, the rice is served with curry and three common sides – salad, spicy vegetable, and fried bitter gourd. However, the side dishes would slightly differ at different banana leaf restaurants. Eating in such spiciness and messiness, the papadum(crackers) will be a good combination to balance it out! Prepare to get your hands dirty for this spicy meal!



7.    Fried Rice/Nasi Goreng

The most common food in Kuala Lumpur which is fast and simple would be fried rice/nasi goreng. Just as the name, the rice is fried with the basic ingredients- onion, egg, meat, vegetables, and soy sauce. Spicy or not, totally up to you again! You can also have it topped with a fried egg. Fried rice can be found at most hawker stalls as well as restaurants, so fear not that you’re not able to find it at KL. Though this dish might be a bit on the greasy side, there is no harm to try our common local cuisine!

 8.   Nasi Kandar

Find this setting at any mamak around! This is a self-service counter for you to get your white rice filled with variety of fragrant curry-licious stuff, and with fried meat/vegetables; your choice. This is a convenient option for you to have your meal whether you are in a rush, or you just cannot resist another plate of food with curry! Although nasi kandar is originated from the Northern side of Malaysia (Penang), it is popularly found at every part of the country. Indulge in curry, curry, curry!

Written by Alice Ang Ying Ying
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